Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't trust them !

YO !Today let's start my stories now ^^The first hapiness is my sister is coming back on FRIDAY ..HAPPY ~!!Because now , only me and my brother at home ..but good also cause i can use my sister's laptop to online surf fb , twiiss, and update my blog ..Let me ask you all a question , do you trust someone , anyone , is anyone you can trust her/him ?But my answer is i will never trust anyone now ..Maybe i can trust my best misali frens but i know it is not enought but how can i believe them if they don't believe me ...Recently , my classmate lishi keep a secret when i 'was asking her ..she only said ''i don't know''...You know , but you lie ...i really hurt ...damn hurt ..i thought she can be my best in school but ...just like this ..?!who's fault ?! mine or her ?! Do you know the feeling when she talk all the secret to her best joey during pjk period , just like a long long stories she told her ..two period in class ..they talked , keep talking the secret which i dn't know about it ...I was hurt ! What feeling i got ...?! i keep asking myself , am i fool ?!i really don't know who i can trust ..maybe i 'm right ...In my mind ..In the world , No one can trust even she or he is your besties ..please do not trust ..If not you will hurt by your besties ...Tomorrow is Wednesday already HAPPY CNY ^^ i got many many wishes ...as get more $$ , be a leng lui (lols) , study -hard and so on ..many many wishes >< and one thing is i felt i betrayed by other..bad ..FUCK HER UP !Today my another classmate , Janeki ask me for a angpau ..then i told her i 'm available ..how can i give her angpau ...BLUR BLUR one...

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