Friday, March 26, 2010

Blah Blah Blah (ROJAK)

April is coming lor =D ALOHA =D
But now , still in MARCH now xD 26/3/2010 lor =D Today is Wan Ting 's Birthday ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to WANTING ..17 years old LOL =P today is friday , everyone happy friday and have a nice day , recently i 'm busying help my dad do somethings and worrying about my studies ..I really angry now , because the KPJ till now also don't want to tell us who can be KPJ member...I'm angry now !!Just imagine , those people tell you will let you know whether you are KPJ or not before Chinese New Year , but till now ?What is the happen's going on ?I wan to say WTF !arrrrrrrrr @.@ !!!Why they can do like this , such like bluff people with no reason ...disappionted to this KPJ !Zzzz!Now , time to tell you all my exam results , first , Bahasa Melayu i got 47 , not bad but still can improve and second , my Bahasa English i got 67 , actually i can got 70 ++ but ..i was careless when i answer those question ><>< all ="D">< ! Game , you can not attract me =P Tomorrow , go out along with Nicholas Wong , CCH , and My Sister , four --4 =) go 1 U watch Alice In Wonderland , it is nice ? i don't know leh ...But many people say it 's nice ..really ?go 1 U , will i buy many things ? Dess , Please don't waste money orh ! Save up the money ! Then wait till i 'm official 20 or 21 years old i fly to USA look for Abinay =P dream will come true ? hoping XD! now , i have my own computer , 2 phone and ....many things ! ENJOY ! I love MY FAMILY ! <3 ...and and shaun shuan coming back on JUN , so happy xD but don't know whether he still remember me or not ??? ''frens'' ----JOSHUA , going NS soon ...aiya miss him during the period ..miss him in fb ..@.@ ...

BLAH BLAH BLAH ------------

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