Sunday, March 14, 2010

---HalO MaRcH---i'm late =D

Halo March ---
i know i'm late due to exam coming and many many reasons ...My mother had hidden my modem even though the router ..i'm sad but i won't think this is a stupid action ,on the other hands , this is a good action it reflect my mother concern my studies ! Mummy I know Ur LOVE =D

Now i'm listening a song which names --Love story this name not only english , it is also have korea ...this song , Love Story in korea i love it so MUCI ! so touching ang meaningful jewerl ..although i don't know what means in korea but only heard the song , the music ,and see the lyric together , you'll know how touch is it !! strongly recommend ! Finally , the exam is over , i 'm full of regret T-T , sad about my add-math and account ..i did wrong in my account paper ..the question make me blur @.@ once i see the paper i thought it is easy but ....OMG ~!! need to do akaun kawalan pemiutang and akaun penghutang the last one is akaun perdagangan ..sad ! I've forgotten belian must add belian tunai and belian kredit ..CRY !I did wrong ! Mummy please forgive me la ! In addition , erm..Monday ---8.3.10 i performance a drama during perhimpunan time =D me inside the drama act KPJ means a member of kelab p... jenayah ..lols i also don't knows what is the P stands for ...psps =) that's my first !!!

The next day , it was exam =( , four subject on the same day !! Damn ! but advantage more than disadvantage la =) okays ..enough talking about my examination ..This exam just a test , not a big big axam as Spm =D this time i did wrong so next time i don't do wrong it 's okay =D exam till Friday ..i was tired during the exam period cause everyday i normally study till midnight lols burn midnight oil =D exam , it is quite fun during that period ...many of my classmate hide the book inside the boy toilet and ask teacher '' can i go to toilet '' but teacher don't know about this =D so cute =P

Holiday =D but don't forget study !!=)
OoooKayS =D
Back Game LIFE =)

The one i missing --abhinay gurung casillas---
--A boy who is Taurus ---

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