Friday, April 9, 2010

Big Hot Day !

The temperature is very very hot !Damn Hot ! Fucking Hot !Super Hot !Why ..God ,Are you pushishing us ?Although we 'r bad..The temperature like burning my skin , my ''beautiful'' skin face , and so on ..Our plants, animals ...*sigh* Many people in facebook also write in their status --WHAT A BIG HOT DAY---Temperature keep increasing , what should we do ? 3R , 4R or 5R many R(RE) we could do ..but ..are we do ?This question really difficult to answer it , don't know how to do ,how to protect ..Do , there got many ways , but people do not take care of the problem..HOW *Yesterday was my father's birthday , after i back from tuition then my mother brought me to secret recipe bought 5 slide of cake =) *delicious* do you want a slide ? I wouldn't give you =P

Yesterday , i went to school at 7am then back home at 7.30 am ..LOL Because my stomach was pain ,so i back home early ..Once i back home , i log in my facebook and log in hotel city haha, i ask my friends join my hotel city , that's better way i can earn more money ...So i played about one hour , then i went to my aunty' s house and look for the baby , the baby is tooo cute and with a pink pink face , actually the baby is boy but look like a girl's face , so cute !I love the baby , his name is KANG KANG , haha so cute xD , Yesterday got many homework but i don't care about the homework ,just ask my friend about the homework ,but finally i done my economic homework , this homework is this Monday one but i wait , wait till yesterday only done it , i 'm lazy .That's a fact i knew =P So , what for , so many homework , for what ?The teacher just mark it without eyes ..= =!! ..Yesterday i only knew that my B-M teacher and Science teacher have Facebook , OMG ~Finally i added my teacher ..I have a regret , that is yesterday my classmate had have took class picture , only me and JunSum assent =( , that's what i regret ..How* My stomach was too pain ..TIDAK BOLEH TAHAN ..Yesterday , Vivian felt not well ><>

Today , I was too busy !thinking , time is really not enough to me ,24 hours ? Can i have 30 hours a day ?So i could sleep 15 hours per day , that's wonderful ! BUT* There are just a dream ..I'm dreaming !*sigh*! Some things make me irritating ! The boys are too annoyed! Boys , do you all know you are disturbing me ?!!! Damn ! Everyday in school just like a show , a show that regarding LOVE , FRIENDSHIP , STUDIES , and others ? Love , my friend always flirt with each other .Friendship , do you believe friendship is exist ?Studies , you go to school because of study or just pass the time ? The answer only you know ! Those people go to school and do some bad thingy in school , actually they go to school for ?Today i am rushing , woke up at 5.30 am faxed a paper to my friend--CCH , and then brush my teeth , washed my face , took my bath ....and etc .Prepare for schooling ..Once i arrive school , i asked my friend borrow me his homework and i just copy from him =P , haha , not fun la = =''' Sejarah , i don't know how to read , memorize ?*sigh* Sometime not i don't want to study Sejarah but ..i will think that i should focus on my Math , Add-Math , Science these subject i might take A's in SPM ! I 'd like to focus on these subject ..Sejarah , can you go somewhere i couldn't see you ?Study , with full heartedly .Good result i take and the way i could overseas and earn more money !I lack of money ...Zzzz..God , can you drop more more money ? = ='''Today after school i went to attend Chinese Society Meeting , actually it was too boring inside the class ..My new job is ''Tuan Kang'' little group leader , Is it cool ?My partner --MR. Ming Khoon-- As a group leader , we should think a group name and slogan , the slogan can think on that day but group name KAH MIN says better can let her see on MONDAY ~!What name in chinese ?*AIYA*

*Stop thinking about those things !headache !=P

Let's take a break ~~~~huhuhuhu~~~

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