Friday, April 16, 2010

Tired =(

Today Chinese Society had a activity names --TUAN KANG (read in Mandarin) just like a game , that can show to each other this society (Chinese Society) have much activity like this .I talk this story after SAM SAM story .Now , Introduce to you all who is SAM SAM .SAM SAM is LEE JUN SHUM , who born on 17/4/1993 A Roaster LOL ~same with me xD , so he is currently study in 5 Cekap , Today We gave him a suprise ,but actually he knew our plan and i was so disappointed for that , cause he knew , *haizz but nevermind lah ...That was so amazing as all of his friends even 5 cekap , makmur , and cekal also came into our class and celebreated his birthday , it was so amazing and special .A birthday , A 17 years old birthday can celebrate with many friends , how much happiness are ?The cake is 2kg , prepared by An Teing , and she organize whole celebrate birthday party .She was collected Rm 2 from us (whole class) and buy the cake . These all are not the normal people could do ~Do you agree ?So i had have took a lot of picture of today but i don't know why FaceBook cannot upload now , maybe i try ay night , don't worry , i will upload those picture as fast as i could ..5 Cekap , I love you all , I love my lovely Monitor ( cause everytimes he ponteng also let teacher know and teacher bring him back our class , how funny , can you imagine ?)

I'm so tired now , just came back from tuition , not many hour , just 3 hour plus , but i 'm so tired , hope i could have a sweet dream during that period i sleep .Today , many story , this blog just like a story book , i know not much people will visit my blog and read my story , but i don't care about that , That's just a number that tell me how many of them visit my blog before , but why should i care , i 'm just a student , just an ordinary girl .NOT MUCH , BUT FOR YOU , I 'M TOO MUCH ! I's so excited for today , in school , the time i used my handphone take pictures , the moment we sang birthday song for him and so on . This year is my last year in high school , life , we cannot control but we can change it and make it better .I wan my SPM results all flying colour , and as my dream , study in Marketing , and i could be a marketing manager in future .LOL ~There are really a dream now , but people can make it better , better than now , change it as you want in future .I don't know why today i talk like a philosopher , haha , smile ,=)Let's me i ask you a question , the question is * if you left 24 hours what would you do during these 24 hours ? this is the question i listen from radio oftenly .Stop Here =)

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