Friday, April 30, 2010

B.Khoon & H.Min B.Day Celebration

Happy Birthday To Boon Khoon & Hui Min , Today we 'd a small celebration in class for celebrate B.Khoon & Hui Min going seventeen years old .This cake a bought from Orange Delight which is near-by my tuition centre .Yesterday i still wondering which cake i should buy and which flavor they like ,still wondering this .But now i know , they like , they like this flavor , chocolate flavor , lishi said it's delicious .Yesterday 3 of my friends remind me do not forget buy the cake , thanks alot , as my characteritic ,i sure forget it one but lucikly they remend me ~Thank A Lot .Yesterday i bought it after tuition , almost 8.30pm++ M.K called me but i didn't heard it , cause my phone was silent mode and without vibration .Sorry for that .Today before i went to school , i take out the cake carefully and wait for my mom fetch me to school , although i was bored during the time i wait for my mom but no matter what happen i also take care for the cake first .It's my ''life'' .Otherwise i give people kill in school ~So i ask M.K yesterday whether he can wait me and help me take the cake to our class , so once i arrived my school then i wait for MK , but don't know where he went so i only could wait him at bus stop there about 5 minute , he came , he told me that he already waited me for awhile but i do not arrive yet .So he helped me bring the cake and enter our class , once i step in my class and i check for the candles but ,no candles , i call JOHN and asked him buy it , luckly this is only i did not check better .The candles in the plastic bag already , hu~About 7.30am + we start this celebration , B.K and H.M wear a cone hat and step in our class , and make their wishes , and we sing birthday song for them , it's so happy ~I ate a slice of cake =)) Happy ing ~After celebration , Vivian asked me help her take some picture with hui min , i helped =) and a special case is i took a picture with MK , can't imagine ~ so happy & funny in this class ~Muacks

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