Sunday, May 9, 2010

Outgoing 08-05-10

A cup With my Name , Special right ?Haha ~I bought from The Coffee Bean there .Today i went 1U with my mom & sis & mother's friend .4 of us , go 1U about 11 o'clock plus , then arrive there about 11.30am , it is too early for others .Actually i want go shopping long time already yet my mom is too busy and our car had sent to repair ...So, no car could out ..Almost 2 months i didn't go shopping ~*Sigh*  Today suddenly bring my camera along , T-20 --Sony ~Take it out and fix it ,some problem when capturing ..So , Paid money and fix it , need about 2 weeks only can take back ~Today Today And Today ~!!Nothing i bought~Aiiii..Don't know what gonna write and tell ...stop here lah ...HAHA ~

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