Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time When 5 Cekap In Lab ~

Today we all have fun in lab , during two period of science ,we 've fun , i should says we gone crazy at the moment ~You wouldn't know what we did , but i can tell you that is we really have fun .Fun during experiment . Fun during we took the pictures .Fun during anythings we did ~It's FUN ~This week damn boring in school but sometimes i flashback the time we laugh in school , we played in school , that're a memories between us , i should say this year , i'm happy enough in this class , don't talk about how big persaingan between our class .The memories including happy , fun , and so on ~A short post , no much time blogging and no much time for gaming , i stop my maple 3 weeks already .I believe i can do it , mid-year is coming ~Jia You All ~

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