Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cool Man ~

Is This Pose Nice ?xD Took by LiWen ,Today is Day Of Merentas Desa~I am one of the participant =) with 5 Cekap guys --Monitor--Chuan Kai ,and WenKun ,LiWen ,Eva ,Vivian and others ~I went to school at 6.45am , and woke up at 5.30 am , aha , the feeling so cute oh ~Today ,quite hot ,we get ready at 7.30++ am but wait till 8.15++ only get ready and take the number .Now , i 'm uploading those picture of today , the most happy happen is i got no.29 of P1 ,i got it .It's the best award i take during my secondary school time . I love my class 5 Cekap and i think that's the best class in school xD .Other Than That , I 'm tired and feel a bit sleepy right now , i might have a nap soon ~Today is D.Peter Chew's Birthday , Dear Peter , Happy Birthday Oh ~I LOVE TODAY ~Memorable ~ Friends I Love You ~

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