Friday, June 18, 2010

CM--Dota ~

HALO :) dog dog here :) with my lovely dog dog ~In front of the computer table , with mic ,Yesterday i played dota with Peter , but we lose also don't know why , maybe I'm too noob , play any game with Peter , i will feel so nervous one .I scare if i lose :( , BUT never mind la can play with him is very good already .Every time i play dota i choose CM , (forgot her full name already) in Cantonese is call as (Bing Lui) LOL~Yesterday i lie by loklok =.= he said he will accompany me dota after yam cha , but he dota himself T.T lie me la lok ~so bad ~and so sad ~and down down down down down :( but the time Peter ask me dota i'm so happy haha ~Jean Jean jealous already , she said she want play dota and quit maple .HAHA ~

Ermmmm , Hmmmm , Tonight is Prom Night already , my ugly short hair look T.T sad !Black & white !Opps !

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