Monday, June 14, 2010

Dota ?

Dota ? WarcraftIII ?I don't realy understand how to play but seems like a very very popular game ~I should try after this post .As you knew , i 'm a girl likes play so much ~What game also okay one .Maple ,Audition ,High Street 5 , CS ,And Dota ~gonna update my blog , add more cute cute thing here .Just now had a nice chat with Pierre P .Just now i felt emo* maybe i heard those emo song , and i saw you online just now ,aiyaa sad lor * can't chat with you as well ~god ,why you toy my love ? My love is toying by you ~Today P.liang came to my house , he found that i have a blog , and ask me how often i used to blog ? I said 1 hour lor ~That's real ~Really use 1 hour and more than this ~I miss you * & Love * you ~

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