Saturday, July 3, 2010

SEGi College ( visit )

My 5 Cekap Album ! OMG ! A bad news i heard just now , Peter occur an accident on Jalan Kuchai Lama there , damn ! I 'm worry about him ~ hope him no injured in the accident ! Peter , becareful mah ~scare ! Yesterday , i went to visit SEGi College at Kuala Lumpur . I took my camera together because i knew that i must take many many picture of them (classmate) because this year is the last year in my High School Life //-\\ , i'm sad to mention about this , last year ~*sigh*~ now gotta show some picture to u all --->
 so cool nia ! 4 of us !!
next -->
cool man ! laiman :D my friend BBF !
others one 
cool man ! that's so many picture ~!!
Last year in High school !

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