Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LOL ---imsospecial !

Follow Me on Twitter ! this picture was last 2 weeks my friend , took by my friend :) this picture is after edited one :) Recently , i joined BlupBlup for earn something special just like create my own social network with other blogger and earn money ~this Blup Blup is quite interesting for me , cause sometime i would rather sleep at home , stay at home all the day , and sometime i would like to update my blog .Okays , this is what i did recently , i want hard study from now on , i scare my result so bad .Wish it wouldn't happen ! Otherwise i would cry loudly ! Now , i think Facebook is bored for me and makes me boring everyday if i on facebook , but i think i addicted to Twitter , everyday at least post 3 posts on twitter ! I'M MAD ! There 're many many things i want to buy , but i lack of money that's the first question ! I need a job after my SPM ! But now , i should hard study first ! Bless me i could get a good result in my SPM and my upcoming trial exam :( BLESS !imsospecial !!

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