Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Iphone4 !!! who doesn't want ???
You don't want ?stop lying la !!!
haha after iphone , his brother was born , iphone 3Gs , now his little sister comes !!!
hmm ...Why i want an iPhone 4 from DiGi 
Because !!! 

Now i think is ''I'' generation , the generation of BB, Nokia, Sony Erisson , or Samsung or LG it's over !
Now is the time for ''I'' generation?
Do you get what i mean ?
Yeah ! Many people are living in ''I'' generation now ! 
I mean ''I'' phone generation !!
I want to Join ''I'' generation !!
Other that ''I'' generation , you can also say it's Apple Generation ! 
-the brand new iphone4 can facetime with family !!!
-and my friend too !
-if i were angry , i can show them  my angry face ..(muahahaha)
-If i were happy, i can sing to my dear , friend , family in front of the iphone4 by using its -facetime !(maybe they'll say , wah you're a talent ! your voice is amazing !!) *dreaming*
-So easy to show my face to them what !
-But it's all if i had iphone4 !
i want to join ''i'' generation and get iphone 's little sister , pretty iphone4
seem like she is saying halo to me !
i cant control myself stop thinking of her ?

Dialogue with myself o.O
Am i loving her ?maybe ?
NO! i cant !
we both are girl ?
we couldn't ?
we shouldn't ?
but i like her ?
how ?
*cry mode*
but i really like her !
even my parent against us!
but i want to be with her ?
how ?
*get some tissues*
how la ?
har ?
nuffnang can helps me ?
OMGoshhh !
thanks for giving a chance so that i can be with her ?
really ?
i'm cominggggggggggg !teehee

LIKE THIS  >>>           ''I'' GENERATION
apple generation muahahaha
This is Official Apple  !
How about colourful apple ? 

Or this Red Apple ?Raw'r !
Even  Apple 's LOGO can made up by -----
Fruit Apple !!!    
What the world had changed ? 
Or Famous Till Super Mario Also Carrying An Apple ?O___O

My ''idol'' Super Mario Also has an apple ! :(
why i do not have one !!
Going ''I'' Generation !!!
Apple On the Coffee ?RAWRRRRRRR !

And The Other Reason Why I Wan An Iphone4
its casing !!!!goshhhhhhhh !
Hello Hello Kitty 's casing is soooooo damn cute !!

Love can found everywhere !! on my ''I''phone4 (if i had) xD

And its casing ! like this COCA-COLA,Makes me wanna drink it everyday !! 
I do not want people say me out-dated without an iphone T____T
My friends were so bad !!!
Asked my to throw my current phone into the river or drain 
Just because my current phone lag like hell !! 
i 'm sad enough about this !!
Now i need a phone can be with me in rest of my lifee !!
I would like to end this post with ....

this picture fully describe my feeling !
Before i get an iphone4 , my mouth is small like that (because i'm sad )
But After i got an iphone4 !
My mouth can big like that (Because mad happy & laugh loudly)
no !stop !i can't laugh now ! :(
Cause i do not have an iphone4
MUST laugh loud loud after i got it *evil-minded*
hehehehewuwuwuwumuahahahah < alien word ! YO !