Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Opps! Are you a game lover ?o.O
Muahaha i am xD
for Online Games, i was addicted to Maple Story , not familiar right ? Hello Kitty Online, i tried before also xD
Not Only These la ....More & more !

The apps that come with your iPhone are just the beginning. Browse the App Store to find hundreds of thousands more, all designed specifically for iPhone. Which means there’s almost no limit to what your iPhone can Overview here!
But talk about iTunes Apps !
The apps i like the most is Cooking MaMa !
Its Picture ! :D

Looks cute right ?
U can Cook ....
So cute right ?T____________T
But the problem is i don't have an iphone !
I want to play this game only borrow my friend's iphone how sad ?
If i failed to cook what MaMa wanted MaMa 's Face will .....

 Not so good right ?hmm so scary face ! angry-ing !

 But if i done . MaMa 's face looks very cute ! like this , big eyes ! Big mouth !
I like her face like this emotion =)
Happy VS Sad LOOK haha xD
This game teach me about cooking skill since that my cooking skill is worse till can bang wall !
It's real no joke !
I m so worse in cooking but this game makes me like cooking in real life LOL !

 Can crop meat somemore !Cool !
And this ! i like game laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~
iphone4 halo
i 'm waiting u !
that time i wanna be a cooking MaMa in real life after i got it Raw'r !

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