Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Win Tickets To Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour In Malaysia 2010

I wan Adam Lambert T__________________T  (just like what flyfm said about this concert)
What do u think about my feeling now ?
He is coming !Whataya i want from him ? A hug ? He sings to me ? That's what i want !
I 'm sad !
My Big Big Idol Adam Lambert is having a concert in Malaysia next month !!
I wan a ticket badly .
I've tried to follow Flyfm for the ticket contest but since that i'm a student , i need to do revision for my trial exam,so the first way to win free ticket was failed .I really hope someone can gives me free ticket.
And now there's a good news for me.

DiGi is giving away tickets to DiGi Angels for the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia 2010!
I'm one member of Digi angels :)

Q- What i love about Adam Lambert ?
A-I think this question i can answer easily.I like Adam Lambert is because of his voice.I still remember the first time i heard Whataya You Want From Me from Flyfm , the song is nice .Can't describe in words .After that i start to do some research about this singer , Adam Lambert. I saw him on Galaxies Magazine i feel curious why this singer is so famous ?I see his news from twitter,facebook, newspaper, and from radio.After something like one month, i was addicted to his song ! Whataya you want from me , this song, even in cars, in school , in my house i keep singing this song and repeat it over and over .Non-stop.i can say , i realized i'm a Adam Lambert fans !i really like him!If i met him i want to shout ''Adam Lambert i love u'' loud loud !i really do !no jokes!

Q-Why i should win the exclusive tickets from DiGi ?
A- I should and i must win the exclusive ticket from Digi because before 14/10 i m still having exam (my last paper of my trial exam) it's last paper ! After the paper i can scream loud loud !! huray! and last week i knew that Adam Lambert is coming to Malaysia for his concert! After my trial exam i must relax myself , don't make myself always on nervous mode, If i won the tickets , i can really relax myself.I want it badly T___________________T no jokes!After my trial exam , i can use my all energy to scream on his concert! buy his album !all i really do !i like Adam Lambert.In Poem , he is my air , my soul ! 

All of my friend knew i like Whataya want from me and they wrote ...
Mocha_SL was my twitter name and my msn name.

Adam Lambert i want a ''Mad world'' on 14/10 Pls ask me ''Whataya Want from me'' and now ''If i had u'' i mean your ticket concert.
All My readers !
Wish me luck for winning Adam Lambert concert ticket !
Thank Digi giving a chance to me
Thank You Nuffnang.
Miracle happens on 11/10 i will be announced !