Friday, December 10, 2010

25122010- 10122010 = ?

elo,hmmm,left how many days is Christmas ya ?didn't you count it ?Is it special to you ?haha but it's special for me ,my wishessss....grr too greedy !i have uncountable wishes 
Mr Santa Claus Here Is My Wish-list :
  • i want to be a billionaire ;p (it is impossible right ?Lol)
  • i want to be beautiful than 'her' LOL
  • i want my SPM with flying colour 
  • i want A best bf  (haha)
  • i wish KTZ open beside my house 
  • i want a autograph from Jay Chou
  • i want a lunch with Bruno Mars 
  • I want a big big stitch baby
  • i want i could drive la T.T
  • i want a instant camera 
  • i want to get ip4 after Christmas 
  • i want raw'r !!! (i want to scream beside beach)
  • i want people fetch me go Genting (LOL)
  • i want to watch 3 movies in 1 day (xd)
  • i want Santa sleeps with me !
  • i want to say bye bye (xD)
Santa Claus , that's all of my wishes for now ;p not so greedy la compare to other , right ? i hate Brian arghhh , just now he signed in his MSN and offline within 1 minute ...what the la .____. Brian arghhh don't be that sui zai la ~online please laaa ~i want shopping la xD i want watch movie with my 5 Cekap gang ! ok today stop here la hahahahhaha ~have a nice day people ^^ comment it or like it ?

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