Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mood mood down , wondering , thinking , about ? i also don't know ..feel like crying, shinnleng always down, emo...Peter Chew 55 come back Malaysia ok ? i wan sai mai lou la :( sai mai lou without you, not fun , cannot blow water :( i wan you come back Malaysia !!!grrr don't neglect me ok ? tonight , i failed to cheer up myself , its feeling like so sad , so down like doomsday coming tomorrow ! what the fuck is going on! i cried , i failed , maybe i 'm worrying about my studies, account .ACCOUNT ! CAN YOU EASY SOME MORE ?i want get A grrr , no matter it's A- or A or A+ (although it's impossible).swing swing , mood mood , down down .without you ? without him ? without her ? without family ? people , i'm tired of these ! let me take a break , listen some disco , party song , but now i like Just the way you are and Grenade , know its meaning totally.The people who is important in your life , if you are important to him as well , cherish it ! another song , So big by Iyaz , it 's so good .nice.Now , my mood still down ....how to solve it ? make it up up ? don't down down ? like a siao zha po now , typing these words !CHRISTMAS , Y U NO COME EVERY DAY ? christmas is so important to me , like an occasion which must pass it with those important people of your life , i don't know who are , family ? peter chew ? su jean ? or pass it alone ?Sometimes i ask myself why i make myself tired of everything , writing this post , really wanna cry out , tears barely drop ! why cant we back to the moment i like , we were swimming in a swimming pool , without anything that can bother us .that time we were so random like ....LOL cheer cheer cheer all i need to say to myself .Rebellious , I WANT TATTOO ! I WANT GO PARTY , I DON'T WANT SMOKE , that's all . Send me a Christmas card , if you do , on 25/12/2010 the last five day of year 2010 , send me a message , tell me MERRY CHRISTMAS .PEOPLE , Y U NEGLECT SHINNLENG ? SHE IS SO SAD !! PETER , Y U NO BUY ANY PRESENT FOR SHINNLENG ON HER BIRTHDAY ? EVEN A SMALL BIRTHDAY WISH ?! MUM , WHERE IS MY IP4 ?! DAD , CAN I SAY FUXK ? SISTER , U ARE LIKE AN 'S'HOLE ! FTWWW! SUJEAN , I LOVE YOU .like a crazy post .ignore it kthxbai.      


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