Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11111 or 12111

what's the special of 2011-11-01 ? i don't really get why people say it;s a special day , for me , it's just nothing happen and everything still remain the same.Maybe it's so special for those couple cause they can pass this super special date together .hmmm, for me ? nothing leh >< stay home , watch PPS , help mom do something at home , everything still the same .now listening a song which named HELLO 爱情风 this song was 3 years ago , if not mistaken .hmmm, suddenly wanna hear this song , feel so sweet ... ;p Jay Chou my dream. why his concert tix no drop from the sky ?! Somehow , you feel like wanna cry but no any of tears fall down , it means ?! you are really hurt ? been damaged badly ?! right say ? blog , just for me to write my feeling , what's on my mind ! if you are really dislike me , you can just click on your right hand side up there , [x] close the tab and shut your fucking mouth down .it's right when people piss you off but you don't get it ! this blog post i know it's like rojak , it's like shit , all mix together , don't know ya , all my feeling right now .worrying , i don't want to fail my undang test on this thursday ! i don't want , really , ferry very don't want , all god please bless me !


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  1. everyday is a special day for me. Think that way then you will be happy everyday! hehehe