Thursday, January 13, 2011


i thought that i was done preparation for undang test , i thought i can pass it in the first time , i thought it's easy as my friends told me before.but who knows it's not easy as i think . Somehow , those question i have read but it doesn't came out in the test ? Who knows ?! i 'm sad lor when i saw my result was like ''dam why i failed ?'' sorry , for me , it's harder than SPM .This is one of the reasons why i take my undang test this late .i admit it , i scare of failure .Maybe i should try harder next time . Today is not my day. Now , what is my feeling right now ? hmmmm , sad ? cry ? yes i cried . the boy who went with me , he passed the undang test but i failed .he didn't take the virtual exam on computer yet he passed , but me , even i took the exam on computer also get failed . is that about the problem of luck ? i 'm not lucky enough ? or maybe the second time would pass ? or the third time ? PLEASE ! i scare of failure la , can let me pass the next time ? my god , my parent , i don't want to make my dad get disappointed on me , :/ second time . MUST pass .



  1. be confident of yourself and read the book and try out the sample questions as many times before you sit for the exam ok.

    trying out all the questions can prepare you better especially when you make mistake and then you know your mistakes. learn from there and you wont disappoint your father.

  2. No worries ! Dont stress . Do the questions on the book . :)

  3. I'm sure you can do it the second time! As much as I hate to say this, you have to study the undang book a lot of times =p that's what I did too! I studied two different undang books (some of the questions were different) Good luck =D

  4. @lilian - hopefully ;)

    @ monica - yes :D