Friday, February 11, 2011

Korea Drama ONZ ONz Onz !!

Dream High , what a nice , touch , full with happiness drama , i guess this drama would be a trend during year 2011 , haha , my current addict ! LOL many of you are watching it right ? But it 's too new ! i 'm not use youtube to watch it , i use PPS Tv , watch it every week ! It's too sad that it 's out two episode once a week , rawww'r , can't wait for the latest --- episode 12 ! I like the main character in the drama leh ! the boy and girl , woots woots ! so leng zai and leng lui lor ! korea star ! haha , Dream high rocks ya ;p
hmmm , this drama , it's called 天堂牧场 // Paradise Meadow , so cute lor this drama , all stories around horses ._. , a bit bored actually , but , continue watching it , you will feel , not that bad actually , haha hmm , the latest episode of it is episode 6 , too slow la , it 's same with Dream high , two episode once a week !! haha but it's worth to watch la since i got nothing to do during my holiday ! 
aha , this dram is from Korea too !! this is called My Princess ,  我的公主 !! so worth to watch it ! i like this drama also , because this drama not fill up with sadness like Secret Garden . but it is fill up with happiness , and funny part some more ! i laughed when i was watching it , the main character (boy) just normal only lor , not sososo leng zai for me , i think , haha my personal idea la , to whoever is fans of him please don't scold me or .... me LOL ! 


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