Monday, February 7, 2011

A warm hug means a lot to me .

Now , i just need a warm hug matter it's from who , now i 'm listening those emo song , make me even more emo ..what am i thinking of , i don't know , crying ....tomorrow , i have to sleep in hospital for a night , *scared* don't know what my report would tell about my health . been suffering stomachache for long time , tomorrow , it's time to know what happen ...If tomorrow i stay in hospital alone , i would cry i think . Lonely ? what i am thinking of ? i seriously don't know ...Can i have a warm hug now ??I 'm just a passer by in your life , i won't bother you . Where are all my friends ?! Where are them ? i feel helpless leh ! Someone , do you know you 're fuckin' perfect to me ? i think you don't know , haha silly girl is here to updating her blog , this blog only will show all pictures i take and all feeling that i think can tell the world , but the another blog of mine , i don't think i should make it public , scare too later you guys know how emotional i 'm , too scary ! http:// wu gui xin ling . blogspot . com ! not so many people know about the blog , but it's all about my life , my feeling , after 10 minutes , i 'm still crying for no reason ? fuck !!!what wrong ?! what i really hope is , you happy then i happy . stupid shinnleng , emotional shit piece ! family , i love you , i love my cousin . please don't leave me alone .

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