Sunday, February 20, 2011

Movie - Mr & Mrs Incredible


Louis Koo , Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and Chapman To


In ancient China, a husband and wife, both of them retired superheroes, contend with the high cost of living, infertility, and other contemporary life issues. 

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My Opinion of this movie 

It ain't a nice movie at all , i should it's just waste of our money to watch it . The actor and actress in this movie are big cast in Hong Kong , but .... this movie , really not nice , i felt sleepy in the cinema some-more , i think the director should plan another good movie to get our hearts , since this movie really sucks max ! Although the ticket is only just 8 bucks , but i felt waste of money also lor ._. Sorry Director ! 

My Day 

I bought ticket for 3 yesterday at Jusco @ Kepong , three tickets just for RM24 because it 's morning show mah , lol , yesterday i after i bought this ticket , i went to starbucks get a Java Chips , since i have been long time didn't drink it , all right , yesterday i visited my friends who are working at there , Lai Man & Yu Tao , they both ...aiya ... like all people are working only me , relaxing at home , doing nothing , FML !
Ok , it's my lunch for today !!! Unagi Rice , looks delicious right ? HAHHAHA , Unagi lover , I 'm ! don't get jealous when you see this unagi picture ! like it's telling you ''come and nom me now'' !! wahhahah sounds fun ! not only this unagi for lunch la , had another sushi for lunch together too ! hahahah , nomz , ok i had this lunch was after i watched this movie , Mr & Mrs Incredible . 
Andddd !! my look of the day .haha not really a pretty girl i know , cause it's fact ! don't try to remind me xD cause i know ;p black & white !

 this is my dinner ._. ! my mom and sister were went out for a wedding dinner , me and my brother stay at home , i watched TVB drama , my brother played computer like doing own business , no one would like to bother .... hahahha the feel came out like  ... ''aiya suddenly felt hungry , and then ... was thinking ... how can i settle my hunger , and then ..... opps ya ! McD mah ! then i called 1300131300 ._. hahah like doing advertisement for them ... '' ordered mcd porridge as my dinner . cannot drive yet , not yet get my license , haha i should say , i haven't take driving test , btw my driving test on 1st of March ! wish me luck !  baibai