Monday, February 21, 2011

Y E S ter D A Y

Nomz time always the best time for people , take a break , have a full full lunch , haha late post , actually i wanted to blog yesterday but , aiya , was watching drama till midnight and so excited about something , so , postpone this post , now i blog it -_-||| btwwwwwwwww , this restaurant is yester i went with my mom and aunty , uncle , sister , haha , speak easy is go with family  LALLALA ! i 'm a happy girl , this restaurant is awesome as their delicious food ! Yong Taw Foo ! hahah last time i still remember i went to Ampang to look for an awesome Yong Tow Foo restaurant . but , this Ipoh Road Yong Toq Foo not bad also , not far from my house , like just take 15 minute *if no jam* hahhah . awesome brunch there , but but but !! there 's too many people were there waiting for a table , i did that also (╯﹏╰) aiya !!people like siao lor !! i waited at there like more than fifth-teen minute just for a table ! 
and my brunch end up with this picture xD ordered rojak pun xD ~! nomz , delicious , do you wan the map of this restaurant ? hahah i try to look for it ! *Ding Ding* i used google map xD
here is its map ! gogogogo but don't go when busy time !! baibai lor

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  1. im was follow shennleng...back to me k...see yaa..hepi blogging to u