Monday, March 21, 2011

Black American // African ?

Brandon T. Jackson as Trent and Martin Lawrence as Malcolm in 'Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.

Would you get yourself a Black American as your boy friend in future ? or Black South African as your boy friend ? haha this question i keep asking myself ! Don't you think Black American is so sexy ? they are so charming to me ! Like a shining star ! haha this topic suddenly came out on my mind ! so i blog it now ;p haha so , what is your opinion ? What else to say ? hemhemhem *_* blingbling , this is a short post ! hehe , but i like the song in Big Mommas , its name is , Lyrical Miracle ! hahahaha any new song recommend me ? mandarin , cantonese , english or ??? wakka wakka ehh ehh style ? also ok ! ah ya ! i just searched from Google , Akon is a famous black singer ! hahahha i like him ~~woohoo ;p you can search any black singer from this page i got from Google !by the way , this post is just to tell you , Black American // African are so charming to me :D tee hee  !i did it ! i updated my blog every or after 12am haha i will keep it up ! loading Black Swan and internet slow and @.@ result is coming out on this wednesday , after wednesday don't know still have mood to blog everyday or not :O Song Of The Day - No any song ... baibai done at 9.27pm ! today is a good day :)

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