Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countdown For The Last Day ! Jay Chou The Era Concert 4th March 2011 !

Tomorrow ! Just let one day !!! Please !! I 'm so excited nowwwwww !!! People go to buy Jay Chou 's new book ! It has been released in Malaysia , for all book store ! Buy it !

All about Jay Chou ♥♥♥

Me and the book !! i bought it today at Popular ! member price is RM 46 .35 and non-member for RM 51 !!if you 're die-hard Jay Chou like me , go to buy it now !! ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Jay Chou ftwwwwwww  ♥

It 's tomorrow !!!


  1. Wow you sure are one hardcore fan of his! :D Enjoy the concert tomorrow yeah.

  2. hildaaaaaaa- i will enjoyyyyyy !!!:D