Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is it . Jay Chou The Era Concert in 4 Days !!

Last Saturday i went to SOGO for collecting the ticket i won in a contest host by KL SOGO . I was so excited the day before i went to sogo , can't sleep some -more !!I felt so nervous on the way i went to sogo xD haha arrived Sogo at 10am something , and then had my breakfast there ...haha skip all la , not interesting right ? check out   SOGO FB PAGE    or their official website  http://www.klsogo.com.my .
 weeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~ i got it !!! so freaking happy lor !!! :D haha , woots , open it first xDD 
Haha this is it ! seee !! my ticket , for Rm 0. 00 !! People please don't get jealous with it ;p haha , i 'm so evillll !!!i 'll take more and more picture as i could xD by the wayyyyy , if you not able to watch it live , please but his original CD & DVD !!! :D i 'd like to show you my video for the contest again xD since i never posted it before on my blog ...Jay Chou, i 'm waiting you !

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  1. OMG..im going too! Well was forced by my gf =.=

  2. You so bad lah... I seriously jealous wei~

  3. OMAIGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R SO DAMN LUCKY...got the free rm0 tix and it is VVIP!!! omg!!! yup, i love jay chau as well~

    huhu...thanks 4 vsting mine..yup im looking 4 BRUNO MARS official goodies too coz as u know dat i cant go 2 d concert... T___T but still searching 4 it...hey, so u r also not going 2 his concert??