Monday, March 28, 2011

for 28th March

found this picture in my computer , meaningful , i save it from tumblr . this post, what to say ? i also don't know ...haha , so tomorrow my new life going to start, need to school , face all books , listen what lecture say , study hard , meet new friends , and need to learn how to take bus , go school by train all alone , if my parent not free to fetch me go school  ... but the next month , April , my sister has sem break , haha she can fetch me to school ! okok , don't know can i meet a leng zai tomorrow or not leh xD ! 1 2 3 study hard lor !

Even something really beautiful , can be broken sometimes . never ever made someone so important to you , otherwise , when they're gone , they left you a broken heart and all you can do is - cry - sorry if i make u emo ! because this few days i keep playing the song - When you're gone . feels sad ! the song makes me emo . ciao ~ lo ~ baibai ~ hothothot day ~

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