Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i said '' halo '' to them .

tell me what you get from this picture ya ! haha !
people , you can just ignore my face xDD
folder from HELP University College .
do you see what my teacher remarks ? hahahah !!!
Orientation Day.
my current note book .
and file :)
my babyyyyyyyy :D she is so cute // he is so cute .

Today was the first day of going college , hemhemhem i can't fall asleep yesterday >< felt too nervous , haha , but i found that one people that i will not going to find him when i'm sad , and i know that , who is the person always listen to me , whenever i'm sad , or everytime i feel that i need to talk to someone ....today my orientation was fun , happy , and ahahahhahah , i like to laugh , ahhahah sorry , anyway , this is my picture post . baibai ciao first lor , tomorrow will be absent to coll ~~~ 12am , people go ooi ooi please >< good night !

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