Thursday, March 17, 2011

i done my breakfast // lunch // dinner in 4 hours !

Firstly , this picture source from here .Since today i didn't bring camera . haha i just wanted to enjoy my buffet time , in 4 hour ! before i went to this Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara , the area is named Soho KL , first time i went to that area .okok story time !before i going to this Tenji Japanese Buffet , i woke up at 8am , to brush my teeth and ... haha u know la ...haha then i was going to my cousin 's house at Brickfield .

Arrived my cousin's house around 10am , then online in her house , watched tv , haha Xing He Pin Dao , tik tok tik tok , ok !time's up ! It's time to go to have my brunch ! haha didn't tell you early actually i haven't take my breakfast before going xD i want to eat 99 ! me and my cousin were so hungry LOL then we arrived there , we were blur because we did a reservation before going but , we told the reception there , we did a reservation for 4 person , we were wrong , because the reservation is actually for 8 person haha , in chinese , this is what called 乌龙 mon cha cha ! LOL

We walked around the restaurant , took our plates , took many foods and we tried so many flavor of tea ! like , they have Black Forest tea ( we didn't try ) , Wu Long Tea , Mixed Fruit Tea , Green Tea , ar hmmm  , and others one , i have forgotten ! sorry ya ! but their food actually not bad but i saw all tips on foursquare , all said poor service , food sucks , i don't understand why they say so . hmmm ... their service still OK la , can't say ''bad'' ...

This buffet is my breakfast , lunch , dinner . this is my day :) i had a nice day with my cousin - J & P and P 's friends ..although i not really know his friends =.= LOL ..i want to go buffet with my cousin next time :D below there is all about the map & detail of this Japanese Buffet - Tenji !

 this is the map ! and also ...its detail ... and foods picture from their official website haha google map very useful haha ! Song of the day ▷ 蔡依林- 假装 and and i have an account on 微博 , follow me on baibai :) good night !

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