Friday, March 18, 2011

I #prayforjapan [ ↑ ] & Story Time [ ↓ ]

I #prayforjapan . #prayforjapan this hashtag trend on twitter for more than 3 days . i still remember the time i saw > #prayforjapan < this topic trend on twitter , i get shocked . and i was thinking , what happen to Japan and why people pray for them . And then i rolled my timeline and see what those people tweeted about Japan and i found that , Japan hits by 9.0 magnitude quake . i felt sad and feel like crying .and after that i watched the video posted by CNN and those japanese . really feel sad.down.i told my mom and my sister at the same time . and Japan not only hits by earthquake , it's hit by tsunami  #prayforjapan with my full heart.

My own story time ,  yesterday i had buffet with my cousin and just now she text me , ''wanna try jogoya tomorrow ? ''  hahaha , so cool lor !but i guess jogoya should try next time cause now still full full . mom cooked 10 chicken drumsticks at home .insane !chi sin one !she forced me to eat two ...i really did !hahaha .and another topic is ...friends , > dear < this word , can for friends , family , bff , and your lover right ? haha i ask this question randomly la . because it suddenly appear on my mind :) answer me if you have read this post :) 12am post , done at 9.54pm .Song of the day - What The Hell . good night people and sweet dream to ya.

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