Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Lost My Smile

Today (18/3/2011) i went to Taylor's Lakeside with two friends which just came back from nasional service ,  they went to Taylor's for asking some details of foundation in art , and i was all alone at Taylor's . Luckily i met Feeq haha , chat with him awhile and he gave me free tropicana drink . so thank you . haha went to Starbucks at Taylor's Lakeside got myself a medium cup of Dark Mocha . My all time favorite !haha ;p  i saw two cute things at Taylor's Lakeside ! SEE !

Found these two cute babe at Taylor's Lakeside . SMS-ed to my cousin and asked him whether he is at Taylor's Lakeside or not , i sent a sms to him at 2 something and he replied me at 5 something ._. sad lor !haha it's ok actually !After that me and my friends went to Sunway University , they heard a lot of advices from those counselors .Skip that part ! After they got all advices // details and we went to Sunway Pyramid.went to Bar B Q Plaza for their / my lunch with them . i didn't order // eat anything , just one drink .

haha should be happy thing but for me .... it's not a happy thing lor...2 girls with 1 boy , i was like a big light bulb inside the car. the boy and the girl like couple wanna be ... i was like a light bulb la.fuck yeah ! iwasn'thappyasithough !i told nicholas this fact .and i camwhored inside the care.cause i was bored :/ sad case.

 Give me some comment weiii ! so ... hard to take picture in the car lor LOL , don't laugh at me , but , of course , you can just ignore last two picture , or drop me a comment ! haha , went to Aman Puri there for dinner with family ! 6 dishes ! haha full till can vomit lor ! thanks god . i hope my family all healthy but now , i need someone to talk to about my future , which college i should study in , what i should talk , what i should do , like need a counselor , ask him//her about my future , i feel like crying ...cause i don't know what i really what T^T . where is my angel ? where is my prince ? where is my gang ? where is hope ? where is my smile ? i lost it ? yes i guess so . add me on skype - shinnleng . good night . Song of the day - Mr Lonely .

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