Wednesday, March 30, 2011

''she'' is new !

today,i went to driving test and skipped my first class . anyway i passed my driving test.and yesterday i bought something new for my college, haha guess what is it ?
 new note book la . in pink . *Human Happiness*
went to coll today , yesterday they told us, that a event named colour event , monday tuesday wednesday thursday and friday , means this week la , wear different colour , so today is Tuesday , must wear in *RED* , i wasn't wear red before i went to coll, i wore in grey colour, but suddenly one friend posted a status on fb , said that today is RED colour , so i change to RED quickly haha . then then then go coll lor , took one round shuttle bus of coll , then went into class , met a lor of new friends , happy day . skip it ! thank you (: 
what an emotion on my face ? haha i also don't know . My life is waiting me to make it colourful , and i 'm paiting my favourite colour during my life . happy day . 

the title ''she'' is new, means the note book and i'm a new college student xD life, everyday should be a happy day . not an emo day and scary day . i guess my first semester wouldn't drive me crazy , mad and bla bla bla ..another blog i will make it private so soon . haha . or wouldn't make it in private ... but sometimes my mind suddenly comes out something really shit that make people hate me,but i hope i could be the happier people ! be a people that always make you laugh , hahahahhaha , smile .  (:  sleep early la, ahahhahaha, new postttt !why don't you comment it ?! ;p baibai good night .


  1. Where did you get the pink notebook? So cuteeee! :D Btw, where are you studying now? Have fun as a college student.

  2. welcome to HELP University College ! =D

  3. @hilda - i bought from a shop near-by my house :D

    @jayren - can we exchange hp number ?haha

  4. @dennis - urs also nice , why suddenly become so thin ?