Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ching Ming dadiladida !

Haha morning // afternoon // evening everyone ! I'm still at Taiping right now,will be going back KL tomorrow , kaysss ! I haven't got my license yet ! I wish I could get early ! Haha out of topic , I should tell you about my Ching Ming Day ! haha sorry I couldn't explain what exact Ching Ming is >

The most interesting story in my Ching Ming Day was I went to climb Maxwell Hills which is a hill higher than FRIM in Kepong I think ... I tried so hard to finish hill climbing ! It ain't an easy job ,I felt like dying when i was climbing ,it's too hard for me ,it was my first time >< Now , time is 11.56pm , I have to wake up later at 5am something ,but I just had my dinner ._. still full full in my tummy ,how to sleep ?hahhahahahha !! It's time to say good night ;) baibai !

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  1. You should try Broga Hill next! :D

  2. aww! my cheng beng is next week and I think I need to wake up at 5am sumtin TT