Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy April Fool & Missed

Yesterday was April Fools ! How was your April Fool ? Mine was just boring,I woke up at 7am because of one call ._. my best friend CCH asked me want to go Sg Wang or not ? But I decided sleep more at home haha ! Actually he called me two times in a day , one is ask me go Sg Wang , and he asked me go Pavillion in afternoon, I rejected ><|| ...MISSED !

This picture taken at McD , yes-yesterday picture ! Now I'm at Taiping ,later 5am need to wake up and prepare to go Alor Star for Ching Ming,usual as every year ;) Just share me how was your April Fools ! Mine , I did a childish thing,I asked my friend go put "in a relationship" with me on Facebook when we both are now .. Haha after few hours ,I asked him to change back , I so stupid >
Location:Jalan Larut,Taiping,Malaysia

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