Friday, April 1, 2011

how i spent my 31st March !

there's a lot of picture that i taken on 31st March ! i guess this date is special for me , because it was my friend's birthday , her 18th year old birthday , how can i miss it ? haha , ok my breakfast at McDonald's since 31st March was the late day of its promotion . Purchase RM5 and get two set of breakfast for free ! talk less & show you picturesss :D

After this pretty awesome breakfast i was went to college .... but it was to early i head to coll , so i went to a place near by my coll and drive my sis's car - myvi , haha round round in the garden ! haha such a happy day !but i 'm still a beginner on the road .. my speed per hour is only 20km/h ! hahah i told my sis about this , laugh ''die'' her !!she laughed 99 in the car !
ok a picture was taken in the car before heading to coll .how much i hope i could smile like this , everyday , every second , every minute ! i just hope that i could be a super happy girl . laugh loudly , big big smile always on my face , that's all ,nothing much . that's also why i like to capture my smiling face ! ^-^ after my 11.30am class , my friend came to main block to fetch me and then i went to lunch with them ( with his friends ) hahah his friends are so ''cute'' ! hemhemhem , after lunch time then back to coll again ... studied study skill , lecturer came into class late , introduce ourselves and ~ baibai back home . home - bath - online - dress up - go out - meet up with friends - bday celebration ~ !pictures are here !

 food sucks thank you ... !
 the birthday girl :)
 with her bf & the sweet sweet cake ! a heart shape :D
 cut it !

 with another friend ! :)
tata, i think that's all for my 31st of March :) good night peeps , tomorrow i 'm going back ching ming ! at taiping :) good night & sweet dream !comments & likes are welcome !


  1. Where's my McD? I thought you suppose to send to me in Serdang?

  2. @ jfook - omgeeeeeeeee ya !i forgot to poslaju ur Mcd to serdang for u xD next promotion la ;p

    @ qiwen - haha ya :)