Saturday, April 16, 2011

i still can't get out from the emo song !

I'm still listening the song - when you're gone , i guess i have been listening this song for few weeks , listening an emo song but laughing in front of people , the weird feeling . i always do ! how ? how to get out from this emo song ?

My college life , i met a lot of new faces , new friends , especially one girl named - pei wen , and a girl , sin peng ... i told all my malaysian studies classmate , i like to smile // laugh , for no reason , like today at study skill class , i laughed in class i guess almost every one can hear my laughter ... I'm too emotional , again , again , been mentioned many times , I'm an emotional people. this week from Monday to Friday , I'm happy with my new school life , but one thing i think i should get used to it , is , homework ! omgeeeeeee , after i done this post i need to study my malaysian studies ._. sad max !

Someone,to someone i knew .you didn't read my blog , i know xD hemmm !that's not the main point the main point is i found a boy ! i guess i .... him  hahhahaha ! don't think too much ! concentrate on studies !! xin ling loves laugh , smile , happy ! and what else ? hem hem ? i really don't know what to blog ...

Change another blogging style , no picture ? haha , picture ? go my facebook or my twitter there la , here , bored .because my phone cannot connect to my pc :( sad lorrr ! shinnleng , i really like you .because of your laughter ! xin ling , jia you jia you jia you !

Rainbow , when i can see you again ? Jay Chou , can i see you again ? Pink , i like you ! My blog , halo ! Ipod , can you work smoothly without hang gei ? The boy , can you talk to me ? Music , you're the best ! Today , is Friday ! Now , is 11pm already ! Time , to get off my ass and go to study !

Bai Bai . Bye Bye . Shinn Leng . Xin Ling .

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