Tuesday, April 19, 2011

no sounds,no pictures,just words

how how how ?finite maths ?seriously killing me ,today i woke up at 6am and yesterday i slept at 12am ,everything for me now is so suffering,i hate this feeling,any rock song to recommend me ?i want to get out from this space (homework),but still,i have a lot haven't done and not yet finish the chapter 1 of Malaysian Studies.

Later,my class at 11.30am but i'm going school after 9am,why so early ?the reason is just i wanna study at school.i know that maybe i'm alone later,but who cares la ?now 7am something , anyone who is free to chat with me while i'm studying ?too bored and yesterday study half way almost fall asleep,anyway,i'm now thinking about Auntie Anne's .

Please bring me to bangsar village and buy it to me.or you can buy me any sweet things...my dark eyes circle are getting darker day by day!rar'www !can go plastic surgery and make it all ok ar ?really so .... sad lor !i guess next post i will only post picture ba...really no time recently !deal u college works,tomorrow presentation about tenses ...

Luck, i need you , but i know that life can't just rely on ''luck'' .If you are only rely on ''luck'' but you didn't pay any attention on your own life ,how is it ?how is your life ? nothing right ? Something i did wrong in my previous post. People please don't get misunderstand ...haha .something i mentioned wrong !

The day,the lecturers keep telling us,college life isn't fun at fun !finally i realised it.i found out now.this post only words,words words,i hope that i could still be the one who is always has a big smile on face.always do laugh loudly,can sing loudly when unhappy,friends beside me 24/7 ,and so on la ... time is just a luxurious thing to me.i can't buy it ,but i still need it max !

Recently,hahaha so happy that i knew a ''lot'' nice college friends.i told my cousin -Wil Shen, i'm so happy with my new life,it's true.no doubt!i'm not alone .i still have my primary school friends,secondary school friends,college friends,haha ,for the primary & the second school friends,i hope i really had time to gather with you all,join your gathering.

Sometimes,words are just not enough what people feel.Sometimes,something cannot just use words to tell others.like my feeling now.in my computer,have a few dramas,shows waiting me to watch them.like Glee, i got it from my cousin,and the Digimon !!!haha i was its fans la ;p time.i will precious you.every second , minute.

This Sunday, his birthday ... it was important to me but now ...nothing ?yes.. nothing special ..last year i made a birthday card for him.a shitty birthday card ..every time i thnk of it i also feel my stupidness !why do i make for him ?so ?this year , can i don't send a birthday message for him ?haha stupid again , shinnleng.he won't care la !

Last year,my birthday,how much i hope that he could send a birthday message to me,or send a wall post on my facebook wall,but he didn't ,maybe i hoped too much..I was too rely on him!just a birthday message , why he so hard to do one for me ?little girl, you shouldn't think too much about it.As you known,he doesn't care of you ...i still have others.this year he must be not celebrate his birthday with us.

How many paragraph i wrote ?like a long long post.no la , just my piece of shit and  ... i miss you ,my secondary friends,i really hope you can change the date of gathering..i hope i can join you guys.i wanna have fun with you all ! :D ok,this post is going end,now i'm waiting my breakfast @.@ back to homework .baibai.tata .Song of the day - Photograph , Nikelblack.

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