Sunday, May 29, 2011

black and yellow ; emo post

Few days ago, saw you passed by me, like everything you do will affect me for no reason, i don;t know why, but, please you don't think who is the 'you' because you wouldn't know, if you really want to know, you can ask me, but now, i just want to finish this emo black and white post. i guess it will surprise you. let's have a look.

Sometimes you aren't strong enough to solve some problems, in college, home, with friends, argue or anything, you couldn't handle it, don't know how to solve, i always have this situation, really, sometimes i can be emo for no reason and sometimes i would not tell anyone of my friends, neither best friend nor super best friend, but for this situation you can write it on blog or any website, you can create a private account for it. write it out, it's better than you keep it in your heart. finish post. no emo. just emo picture. good night and pingchat me - shinnleng LOL

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