Sunday, May 29, 2011

with you right here, i'm a rocketeer !

28/5 was my lab quiz, the quiz for me is tough, i think i couldn't get high mark, but i just hope i could pass the quiz. *pray hard* okay, back to the main point la, haha i did study for the lab test.i did my best and i tried my best already.After the lab quiz, i went to Mid Valley Megamall with my friends, i felt sorry to my #peopleilove #4 ,he called me, and i said no to him so many times d, sorry..

After quiz, after it, went to watch movie, we watched Priest , but not in 3D luckily, although it wasn't scary but its sound effect and the vampires come out suddenly and scared us. i scream in the cinema, i scared by the movie, and luckily i brought my jacket along too, it was so cold inside the cinema. can't stand the coldness. haha. i drove like a beginner, but in fact, i'm a beginner la, i don't want to act like i'm a pro anymore... admit it, i'm just a noob driver on road.

Watched Priest on 28/5 

Before we watch the movie, my friend wanted to change the seat, it's okay to change but, somehow i felt unhappy and not fun because, aiya don't know how to describe the feeling, just cant say it as bu xi huan, unlike...change this and change that ma q fan...then i chi cai chi cai lo...  After movie time, actually nothing else to share but me and my friend bought Starbucks , mine is Dark Mocha, it's my favourite, no doubt ! haha, must have picture to show one ! one two three four five ... 

My all time favourite - Dark Mocha ♥ 

With it ! o(≧v≦)o 

End of a happy day, had a family dinner with my YIM family as usual, the special thing on the day is, i had my first meal at 10pm ! my stomach is so patient to wait me feed it up lol. Anyway it's still consider a nice day to me, hang out with friends, and i'm not alone, i have them (: think positive. bai negative. i'm a happy girl . i want to take more pictures with my college friends although i know we still have long way to get to know each other, and i believe we can be friend forever. hahahahaha let's fly ~~~ !!!! haha refer back to the title :)


  1. I am ok with horror movie but I don't like bloody movies. I don't got scared by the visual or sound effect in fact, I got scared by my ex that sit besides me. When he got shock, he will jump up and scared me LOL

  2. hahaah,i seldom watch horror movie... scare later can't sleep at night :/