Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a bird without legs

Just imagine a bird without legs how to fly ? And a care without tyre how to work ? Shinnleng without car how to go out ? Sighhh, don't have car to use this week or till next week. My car had taken to workshop, so sad.

This few days went to college, either mom & sis fetch or my friend fetch me back. Damn lor !Today i waited my friend for one hour something, no any comment, just can hope him finish class earlier then i can back home earlier, i don't dare to take bus and train back home since my house so far from my college.

When i wait my friend, i was listening music and WhatsApp with my friend, otherwise i will be alone. damn sad wei. no car, no freedom, no free time. so sad. i put my driving license in my drawer. "no eyes see" .mou an tei arrrrrrrrrrrrr ~~

I just miss driving time. i found out one thing in college. Boys & Girls. i knew one thing !shhhhhh i will keep it as secret ! And today my friend told me one thing in his car, i guess i will keep it as secret too, unless he says can tell other la,because the thing can hurt people...also can make a happy thing happen.I don't want to see anyone get hurt.

For him, i felt so fed up on him.every time i look at him, i think of the girl he always mention, not only girl 1 2 3 , but 3 4 5 -.- very fed up la, boy i hope you xing fu la ..Today in my finite math class, i was blur blur in class, felt like sleeping, yesterday watch drama till 3am, damn regret on it !

Ehhhhhhh, the boy fetch me back home, if you want me to treat u a bowl of sai mai lou, i'm willing to treat you, hahaha if you read this post la ,hahahah, but , you wouldn't read i know !what time my car done ar ?! i want to fly !!!!i like ribena !

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