Sunday, June 12, 2011

him and her


Nice one,go to get her la,why don't you get her since you like her so much ? mention her everywhere, any time, maybe she likes you too leh ? the boy, emmm ... he likes girl no 1 or girl no 2 or girl no 3 ? goshhh !so annoy la! H-I-M , ishhh ya, girl 1,2,3 so pretty weih !go get go get please go get her !!!

her 1,2,3

Pretty girl ! ya i know i'm ugly la, fine fine fine 1,2,3 you win la !i don't want to be stupid and compare myself with you !hahahah i like pretty girl too !!!haiya girl 1,2,3 don't act la, you all so friend with him, then hmmm , 3+1 ? omgeeeeee 4 together ?! whatherfak ?! good night la.

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