Wednesday, June 29, 2011

heyyyyy pattern !

HALO , pattern pattern shinnleng!now everyday suffering, go school early, bring laptop along, trying to finish tons of presentation (3 presentation).they are coming to kill me.i still prefer my secondary school was happy & fun for me.less study, exam cin cai cin cai then can score!now ? i wan party rock but it gives me study rock ?wth?i want to go out at night with friends, i want holiday, ya holiday is coming after final exam. blogging at or relax on my holiday ? at Mac City ar ?haha hope i can make it !i don't want to stay in my house anymore!now i feel like sleeping in school.sleep now?isn't it a good idea?ok la, i sleep awhile 1st!wait!!history of Malacca ?sighhh a topic i don't really know about it.what the dududududududududu~

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