Monday, June 27, 2011

best friend for-ever

Friend,best friend,like who?example?ya him!although we are not in a same college now,we always talk craps,non-sense,stupid thing,he likes to talk about my bad,always,when we are on call,we can talk more than hour,but i'm too lazy to chat too long !tired wei !yesterday he said he was unhappy and asked me fetch him go out, okay i fetch, went to his house and pick him up,then go for lunch,accompany him to eat even i'm full...after lunch time, we wanted to go for a coffee shop to do our own assignment but too bad PaPa Rich doesn't have plug for our laptop.

Finally we decided to go back my house,haha he came to my house,so familiar to my house d!okayyyy me and him were chatting while doing our assignment,my mom was watching the TVB drama, haha while we were doing our assignment, we were watching too haha.laugh awesome this friend is ?uncountable!haha okayyy dinner time, my mom brought us to OUG have our western food,it's delicious with reasonable price :) !haha i like talking non-sense.

with my very best friend.

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