Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Sunday @ Mid Valley

Last Sunday i went to Mid Valley with mom to look for those formal wear.Few presentations are coming so soon. nothing can talk much... feeling not well.
had my tea time @ Sweet Chat with mama.

 the table - so colourful

I went to those shop to look for my formal wear, i will post the picture i wear in formal in next post. hahaha not going to show you all today. haha it looks smart haha, almost all of my friends told me yesterday and even the lecturer said - why you look so different ? - hahaha i was like .... nothing to say ... because i knew that she will ask me why i wear so formal hahahah NERD !

haha this one add one !not in the topic !!

Yesterday i wore formal to school and everyone was looked at me, and one unhappy & very unfortunately , i wore a short heels as well and it's killing my leg. it's hurt. lesson gained. but i will never afraid to wear high heels again and again !Girls , we like high heels isn't it ?

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