Friday, June 3, 2011

like a kid

Feel like going back to my childhood time.happy and nothing needs to worry about. junk food ? mamee ? and others ? rocky la !and hemmmmm anyone likes swimming ?i like it so badly but every time my friends want to bring my go out for swimming, ishhh i also can't go !what the dudududu... i wan to go swimming, and today i like the confession time when we were in an empty class, closed book, chat together !hahaha, actually we were supposed to study together but end up like , chat in an empty class... goshhhh !

*Hello Panda* 

and this right ? 

Post should stop here,mid term rawr,friends asked me tomorrow go pavillion watch X-Men, {{{(>_<)}}} i said no to them !cause of mid-term, and the boy will treat me watch movie !!!how come ? Karma ! Sad lor,anyway tomorrow going back ipoh ,to visit my grandmother and grandfather, since they felt not well and ... my mom wants us to go back. it's okay, i will bring along my CP text book and finite math back too !

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