Thursday, June 2, 2011

☆ First post of June

What is happening in June ? *bling bling* Hope June would be a happy month! Shinnleng is waiting her shopping time and her leadership camp, finally parent allow i go leadership camp, so thank you to my Yim Family ,haha,happy time la. Almost spending all of my time on my college time,i miss my secondary school friends.They ask me go out on this Saturday , how ? Next monday and tuesday mid-term already lor, how ? Stress nia ..

I 'm not that person you can simply judge and guess what i'm going to do !

Lab test, i still can't forget it.freaked me out the paper ╭(╯^╰)╮ very unhappy about my lab test, i think all marks gone la... Today went to school so early and i arrived at 7.02am, so early !hahaha used to it already, almost 3 times one week i will be school earlier !i need to get a new cover for my phone so badly !shitttttt!ok, finally settled all my *buay shuang* thing to boss ..chicaila,and please count down for my birthday !i really want a big celebration for my birthday..

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