Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping day @ Sunway Pyramid

Went to Sunway Pyramid with my mom and her friends, haha was purposely go to buy clothes, shoe, and pant ..finally i got it :D i boughtttttttttttttt >>>

@ Forever 21 bought this shirt and pant
J.Co Donut
Angry Birds !
The Cars 2 ?
Yesss ! Shoes & Shirt & Pant . 

Now is 1 am, leadership camp soon, now just thinking which phone should i take ..take iphone go, goshhh !it's dangerous baby ! w810i ,but the sims card can't fit in, bring my sis's sims card, but everyone knows my number if i lost, they don't have my number how ? then i sure lost lor ? T___T just now even how to take out the sims card from iphone 4 i also don't know ..i'm so noob ! kanasai myself ! k baibai good night sweet dream !

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