Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stop believing in miracle

I used to believe that miracle will always happen around me. But now I found that I just a silly and stupid girl who believe in it. Friday,I thought miracle I hope, it would happens, but at last I end up like a stupid who keep waiting for it.

I hate myself seriously. Why I still believe in it ? Can don't do all things just for him ? Can stop wishing something on him ? Adam Lambert - Time For Miracle. Lyric - it's late night now and I can't sleep,missing you just run too deep ... Do you know what's my feeling now ?

Act like a fool in front of you ? Or ..not acting ?? C R Y ? No I wouldn't ! What I cry for ? Him ? Doesn't worth la thank you. He isn't important as I thought before. Hahahahahaha the story has ended by me. Stupid.

I had my favorite dessert today ,the happier thing of day I did. It's just like a magic for me,cheer me up whenever I'm sad. *hint* if someone makes me angry,buy me sai mai lou ,kiwi favor!haha I will forgive u ! Okay hint already given. But today I heard a lot of things from my friend. Learnt something new. End post. Good night.

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