Friday, June 17, 2011

terrible day i ever had

today, i had to back home alone by public transport. how hard was it ?i was the first time trying to take public transport.actually i thought my friend would accompany me to bangsar LRT station and then we back home separately.but he didn't ..never mind, i can back home by myself.i don't know where is the bus stop and which bus to take and how to back from taking train and bus.. i was so scared.

bought this rabbit card in the bus
foot = fool (in the train)

the rushing road.

back home alone and not drive alone is even terrible than i drive. i thought that once i know how to drive to school, i do not need to take or learn how to take public transport i found that i need to learn it .watching a new TVB drama with family in living room.i can say, today 20110617 is the terrible day i ever had in year 2011. no next time please !

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